1. MUSIPOS - Specially developed for the Australian and New Zealand music retailers, MUSIPOS provides an incredible list of features to meet the unusual requirements of our industry. With intelligent programming, MUSIPOS uses the power of the APIC electronic catalogue to produce dynamic database for you to manipulate for the benefit of your business.
  2. APIC - For over 20 years APIC (Australian Print & Instrument Catalogue) has been providing explicit detail about Print and MI product releases into Australia. Now boasting over 112 wholesalers with over 480,000 active listings, APIC is the only answer to an Australian retailers product enquiry. With contents of music books totalling over 320,000 alone and Musical Products around 200,000 it provides an invaluable database to the concerning retailer.
  3. DHOUSE - Developed to satisfy a growing need for music wholesalers to bring their businesses into line with sophisticated retail systems, DHOUSE provides powerful Sales order and warehouse features like no other packages on the market. From its multi warehousing to its powerful customer features, DHOUSE is the answer to any serious distributors' needs.


"Hard to believe anyone in the retail music business DOESN’T use Musipos! We certainly couldn’t get by without our purpose built point of sale software. Simple and practical, for many years we’ve run four terminals with two cash registers. All of our inventory, sales, customer details and history, orders, quotes, suppliers catalogues and much more are instantly searchable. Really useful reports are always at hand and are indispensible for knowing what’s actually happening in the business and how our here and now daily challenges and struggles compare with the alleged glories of yesteryear. And when we have a question about Musipos we call up and speak to the people who created it and who know it inside out – I naively thought all POS software was serviced this way but others tell me our industry is on an unbelievably good wicket! Weekly price and other updates from our suppliers are now downloaded with three clicks on a Monday morning – couldn’t be simpler or more up-to-date. Does anyone in the retail music business really not use Musipos? Whether you’re a control freak or not, do yourself and your staff and your business a favour and get a purpose built, industry standard tool that just - works."
Graeme - Harrison Music, Adelaide

"McCann’s Music Centre have been a client of HCG Pty Ltd, using the MUSIPOS software since 2009. Prior to that we had a custom program written for us and while it was a comprehensive program, it did not give us the ease of use and reliability of MUSIPOS. We have very few complications using this system and best of all, the support staff are always keen to assist any time during the learning process. Updating prices and new stock line additions by downloading direct, rather than via monthly CD is quick and fuss free. Stocktaking with the MUSIPOS friendly guns means all your staff can be involved to reduce the time to get the job done. An industry based program such as MUSIPOS, with consideration to music retail, cash sales, lay by, accounts and potential trade-in/second hand stock and serial number tracking is in my opinion is a huge help as opposed to Custom or off the shelf type software where you try to make them fit your business, just makes sense. Thank you to Chris, Julie, Errol (just retired) and staff of HCG Pty Ltd for a great product.. Best regards,"
Rob - Manager - McCann's Music, Hobart

"To Whom It May Concern
Newmans Musicworks, in Timaru, New Zealand, have purchased and used the MUSIPOS Point of Sale software since 2007. We have found the programme invaluable to our business. The programme is very user friendly, and has a natural flow of use with it. The biggest benefit to us is that it contains a full catalogue of stock available through our suppliers, therefore it is extremely easy to find where and whom to purchase stock from. If on the occasion when we require support about parts of the programme that we are not entirely familiar with, the support we get from the support desk is second to none, nothing is ever a problem and all question are answered and solved instantly. The new and improved online programme for updating the system that has just been introduced, is so easy and efficient to use, a couple of clicks of the mouse and you have a current up to date inventory of all current stock availability and prices. We have no hesitation in recommending this product and it’s developer to any new user in the Wholesale or Retail Music industry."

Kent Smith Newmans Musicworks, 117 Stafford Street, Timaru. New Zealand.

"I’d have to start by saying that I have been using Musipos since 1999 & Apic for a period before that.
As all small businesses approached the year 2000, we too had to find a solution for the change that GST would make on our business.
Musipos was the best choice for us at the time, It simply worked out of the box & has made sense ever since. It has continued to develop & improve as time go on.. I love the fact that I can call or email them with questions on how to do this or that & I find their service excellent & friendly thanks to the great staff. They love what they do & are always ready to lend a hand as the need arises… This is also very important especially when we have an emergency that we need help with straightaway? The on-board help menu is also a great tool to use to get you out of trouble too! The software developer is always ready to listen to new ideas in improving & updating features, this is vital as our needs change.. Musipos is very easy to learn & use, but at the same time very powerful that is vital to our everyday needs. Regards"

Garry Brown - Business Manager, Mooloolaba Music Centre

"The new streamlined online upgrades for MUSIPOS and pricing updates for APIC are very user-friendly and easy to operate.
And the recent introduction of TeamViewer is a great solution for on-the-spot problem solving.
Our business has used MUSIPOS for more than 14 years and we have found it to be a complete solution for inventory and customer data control.
From the Point Of Sale window to the customer data base through to the supplier list and APIC (Australian Print Industry Catalogue) MUSIPOS covers all aspects of our music retail requirements."

Mark Wells, Prestige Pianos & Organs - Preston

"There's a good reason why Musipos is the standard system in the Music Retail Industry.
It's a solid, well thought out and easy to use program. We've used Musipos now at Music Express Brisbane for 8 years
and wouldn't be able to operate without it! Support for these software POS systems is of ultimate importance.
You get brilliant support from the team at Musipos. They're always kind, helpful and
speak in terms that even non-computer savvy people can understand.
Thanks Musipos!"

Ken - Assistant Manager, Music Express Upper Mt Gravatt

"We switched over from a competitors system in 2000 and the difference was chalk and cheese.
This is the best system out there without a doubt.The backup service is fantastic with quick and concise information and
the ability to download the latest price and other updates is a Godsend. Thank you all at Musipos for a brilliant product."

Peter Harkins - Managing Director, Cheapa Music Pty. Ltd

"Can't agree more, nor add much to the glowing Musipos reports you see above.
Have used the software since the previous century ( though I can't possibly be that old ) and it is continually updated,
and responsive to changing needs. The recent automated update process just makes things much more efficient and
the best thing is that help is always at hand. Yes, here in Australia, with the authors of the program available to discuss specific requirements.
Absolutely unique in my experience"


"I am only too happy to give my thoughts to and indeed thanks for Musipos and can’t recommend it more highly to any music retailer.
As already mentioned, I can’t believe there is a retailer out there who isn’t using Musipos!
It’s simple to use—a real bonus for those busy times where often younger, casual staff are able to be trained in next to no time
in the POS screen—yet concise and relevant when it comes to reporting.
The horror of days of stocktaking is a thing of the past as this can now be done over hours with 4 or more stock take guns.
I am especially happy with the new upgrade and the ease with which our updates are now handled.
Great also to have a manned help desk (in our own time zone) with people willing to assist."

Kerrie Rohr, Macron Music